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Release Day for Holding the Line!

Holding the Line is now out in the world! Here’s a little montage I put together of moments from the book. Many events take place at various tony homes around London, such as the ones pictured here. Some important scenes take place at the Aerated Bread Company depot. There were many of these around London, offering tea, coffee, bakery goods, and light meals. I think of them as the Panera of their day. Readers of the series will recognize Rose’s mourning ring. It will play a role in this book as well. As for the kiss in the shadows…I’ll leave that for you to discover in the book!

I’m thrilled that the Love Along the Wires series is complete, and I am so grateful for the love already being shown for Holding the Line by advance readers and reviewers.

If you enjoy audiobooks, the whole series now available on audiobook too!

New Book Release June 30!

What do the following things have in common?

  • A busy Victorian office with its own telegraph line
  • A handsome Scottish hero
  • A clever and independent heroine
  • A delightful little bookshop on a London high street
  • Two career-minded people who are in love but don’t know it yet
  • A romantic dance in the park
  • A dash of workplace intrigue
  • A quirky little book called The Spinster’s Guide to Romance

They’re all found in Line By Line, the first book in my new series, which launches on June 30! It’s available to preorder now at your favorite retailer.

You can get more information about the book, read an excerpt, and find buy links on the Line By Line book page.

Happy reading!

The Artful Match releases April 2!

The Artful Match is available for preorder at your favorite retailer, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBooks, Lifeway, and Look for news soon regarding upcoming book launch events, in person and online. I’m excited to be sharing this story with you!

Cara Bernay has never found a place to fit in or to thrive. At loose ends in London after a near-tragedy costs her a job, Cara befriends a rising young artist. With his help, she begins planning a new life and developing her own artistic talent. But soon Cara finds herself at odds with the artist’s brother–a handsome but serious-minded earl who wants to force his brother back to a “respectable” life.

Henry Burke, the Earl of Morestowe, feels the weight of growing financial burdens. His profligate and emotionally unstable brother is making matters worse, and Henry needs him back home. Despite misgivings about Cara’s mysterious background, Henry sees she’s a positive influence on his brother and on Henry’s unruly young ward, and he strikes a deal with her to return with them to their estate.

But the family has their own secrets, and when Cara, drawn ever closer to Henry, stumbles onto the truth, she must choose between following her heart and pursuing a bold plan that could bring disaster.