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Jennifer Delamere

Month: April 2023 — A Great Find for Readers! is a great website for pointing people toward new books to read based on their interests. Thousands of authors have shared their 5 favorite books around a topic, theme, or mood. I was invited to participate, and I happily agreed!

Since my novels are set in Victorian England, it was easy for me to decide on a topic. You can find my list of “The best books for unique insights on the Victorians.”


From there, feel free to branch out in any direction, whether searching for fiction or nonfiction.

Why read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell?

Type a topic, favorite book, or favorite author into the search field and see where it takes you.

One word of warning: your “to-be-read” pile may increase substantially!

I have already traveled happily down a number of rabbit holes.

If you like the website, please help spread the word,
and tell your friends and fellow readers about it!