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Fun Extras

Learn more about the background and inspiration for the London Beginnings series.

How It Began…

So how does a writer become a writer? How did I write my books? How did I manage to sell them? These are some questions I’m often asked, which I’ve tried to answer in the posts below. There were some interesting twists along the way.

Part 1: Beginnings – Traveling, Reading, Absorbing
Part 2: My Favorite Things
Part 3: Becoming a Writer
Part 4: From Screenplays to Novels
Part 5: Out of the Abundance of the Heart
Part 6: A Match Made on Twitter
Part 7: Brave New World

What I Love About the Victorian Era

I love the energy and the industry of the Victorians, particularly in the period of 1840-1870, often known as the early to mid-Victorian era, before they settled into the ennui of the end of the decade. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were young and vigorous, and producing children at an amazing rate–9 in all! (The popular recent movie The Young Victoria is great for visualizing her as something other than an old woman in widow’s clothes.)

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