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One Week to Book Release!

An Heiress at Heart will be released next Tuesday, October 30, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ll be celebrating locally in North Carolina with friends and fans (see Upcoming Events column on the right), and I’ll also be sharing the fun on numerous blog stops. I’ll be blogging on a variety of subjects relating to An Heiress at Heart, as well as answering some very interesting questions from the blog hosts! Most blog stops will feature a giveaway too, so I hope you’ll come by and leave a comment.

Here are the first few (more to come!):

Romance at Random
October 24

Novel Thoughts
October 25

SOS Aloha
October 29

I’ll be blogging right here and giving away two books!

Jaunty Quills
Nov. 1

More Good Reviews

I’m happy to announce more good advance reviews!

AN HEIRESS AT HEART got 4 stars (out of 5) from RT Book Reviews, the popular magazine for reviewing romantic fiction. Here’s what they wrote:
“This is a wonderful love story… not your usual English stuffiness; there is something for everyone. The author’s diligent research of England and the traditions of the 1800s shines in her debut.”

The American Library Association’s Booklist magazine calls the book a “clever historical and subtly inspirational romance,” and adds, “Delamere does include Christian elements, but the classic historical plot will appeal to many readers. The romance is filled with emotion and sexual energy, but there is no explicit sensuality, filling a current genre gap for readers who prefer inference.”

The book debuts on October 30, but please see the “Upcoming Events” column on this page for information about two upcoming book signings, including an early signing on October 13. If you are in the central North Carolina area, I’d love to see you there!

Publishers Weekly Reviews An Heiress at Heart

I was so excited to discover yesterday that Publishers Weekly has posted a nice review of AN HEIRESS AT HEART!

Cover for An Heiress at Heart

“The strictures of 1851 England are revealed in Delamere’s debut, in which a woman tries to overcome her past and ensure a secure future….”

“Recorded Books presents…”

…an unabridged recording of AN HEIRESS AT HEART” !!!!

YES!  I’m thrilled to announce that An Heiress at Heart will be available on audio from Recorded Books!


I’m practically jumping out of my chair with excitement, even as I type this.

I’m so thrilled, not to mention honored, because you see, Recorded Books and I go back a long ways.

I’m a HUGE fan. Have been for years, ever since the day I first wandered into a store that rented audiobooks.  (Back in the dim, distant past when audiobooks were on cassette.) Nearly all the titles in that store were from Recorded Books. I was hooked immediately. Here was a chance to revisit some of my favorite titles in a totally new way–books like the romantic suspense novels of Mary Stewart* and classics from Jane Austen, Edith Wharton, and Charles Dickens. They were as entertaining as movies, only better because nothing got left out.

I discovered many new titles at that store, too.  One of my very first discoveries was Elizabeth Peters’ fabulous Amelia Peabody mystery series, starting with The Crocodile on the Sandbank. The books were narrated by the incomparable Barbara Rosenblat. [I’m serious, people. She has so many voices! Listening to her narrate a book is a joyful experience everyone should indulge in. I listened to every single book in the series.]

In time the format went from cassettes to CDs. Now they are available either as CDs or as MP3 downloads. In any format, I have never lost my delight in listening.

So I hope when An Heiress at Heart comes out on audio this fall you will give it a listen.

Personally, I can’t wait for the day I can plug in my iPod or a CD and hear their signature opening: “Recorded Books presents an unabridged recording of An Heiress at Heart, by Jennifer Delamere.” It’s a treat I never even conceived of when I started listening all those years ago.

Jennifer Delamere

[*The romantic suspense novels of Mary Stewart don’t seem to be available on audio anymore. Dear Recorded Books: is there any way to bring them back? Please?]