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My Visit to “Married with Fiction”

For my new followers, and in case you missed it, here’s an excerpt from a  post I wrote recently for a lovely blog called “Married With Fiction.” In it, I speak of many aspects of the marriage relationship that I weave through A Lady Most Lovely:

One of those concepts is how wonderfully unique each marriage is, because it is made up of two people who are unique on this earth. Even within the framework set up by God, the husband and wife have plenty of latitude to figure out the details of exactly how their marriage will work. What strengths does each bring to the marriage? How will they work together in day-by-day living? It’s a process that becomes more refined with time and makes the marriage even sweeter.

This is how Tom explains it to Margaret, because their marriage will be unconventional in a number of ways:

“Let me point out something about marriage,” Tom said. “It is a sacred bond. And yes, it is a contract. But every marriage is unique. Every husband and wife must decide between themselves which arrangements are right and proper for their lives. No one else can determine these things for them.”

You can read the full post here.