London’s most amiable rogue has finally met his match…

A Bride For the Season
Love's Grace series, Book 3
November 25, 2014

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If you enjoy tales filled with history and romance, you're in the right place. My books are set in Victorian England, a fascinating time and place, when new inventions and opportunities were greatly changing the world as people knew it. I wrote more about this setting on my Extras page. You'll always get a taste of actual historical events in my novels—not to mention the occasional "cameo" appearance from famous people of the time.

Love is always a grand adventure, and I hope you will find my books entertaining, exciting, and inspiring.

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Since Halloween is the time to indulge in stories dark, moody, and dangerous, I thought you’d enjoy reading this special “deleted scene” from the original manuscript of An Heiress at Heart, which takes place in the grim, gray dawn after a fatal duel.

10-17-14 :: Maggie Award Winner!
A Lady Most Lovely has won the 2014 Maggie Award for Excellence!

10-01-14 :: Great Review for A Bride for the Season!
"The romantic dance between James and Lucinda sparkles with wit, intellect, and subtle desire in defiance of societal expectations."

09-17-14 :: Another Giveaway!
I'm giving away 10 autographed copies of A Lady Most Lovely on GoodReads. Enter before October 1.

09-06-14 :: Maggie Award Finalist!
"A Lady Most Lovely" is a finalist for the Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award for Excellence!